I am a Marksman a Tracker Patient Observant a Naturalist I AM.... A HUNTER! #primalinstinct

South African Venison Hunting Safaris

with Rikus Gouws and Barend Geldenhuys


Will I be safe in South Africa?

This is the biggest concern for most people; but rest assure we are committed to preserving your health and safety.

The area's you would tour are free of civil conflict and your safety is our greatest concern.

Are Bugs a problem?

No but it will be wise to bring along bug spray or insect repellent; in case not we will supply the relevant anti-bug solutions.

What currency is used?

South African Rand .ZAR

Notes issued: R 200, R 100, R 50, R 20, R 10

Coins issued: R 5, R 20, R 1, 50c, 20c, 10c


Please note that payment can only be accepted by bank transfer (easy transaction with the least banking fees for both parties). Cash is also accepted.

Non-Hunter Activities? 

Non-Hunters can accompany the hunter, observe the wild life and take beautiful pictures.

Some hiking trails and game drives are available, relaxing at camp, reading shopping and sight-seeing.

Guinea-fowl Shooting competition for biggest Guinea-fowl!

What Food Do I eat In South Africa?

South African Traditional dishes with beef, pork, Lamb, pasta, Venison pies, Veggies and Salads.

Open Fire Barbeque is a unique South African speciality. 

If you have special dietary requirements please add it to the bookings so we can plan accordingly. 

To drink we have Coffees, Hot chocolate, Tea, Milo, Bottled water and soft drinks, beer also on request.

Alcoholic drinks can be on your special request.

Game to Hunt?

We do bookings all over South Africa. Bookings will be done according to the package requests.

Some of the big 5 will not be hunted or available - Lions, Elephants, Rhino, Leopards, Cheetahs will not be on request.

Can I bring Rifles to South Africa and are there rifles available for rent?

Yes. This can be arranged with the airlines. 

You will need to use bullets 150-160 grain or heavier more or less 70 rounds. 

Calibre's 30-06 -- 7mm -- 6mm -- .375 or .300 mac. 

Rifles supplied by us for rent $ 40 per day and $ 5 per round of ammunition. 

Electricity supply

Power supplies are available at some main lodges 220/240 volt 3 point plugs please bring camera and cell phone adapters with as we will supply a wall adapter.